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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Health and Fitness

Physical fitness is often defined as being able to carry out one's daily routine and still have enough energy left over for other activities or events. Combining exercise with a healthy diet is the best way to achieve a goal of being physically fit for life. If you have been inactive for a while, give your body time to adjust and include your primary physician in any decisions you make about a fitness program.Everyone's body will respond in different ways to the physical stress caused by exercise and weight training. It is important that one takes a responsible approach to maintaining their physical fitness and not try to obtain results as quickly as possible.Focus on making your desired results a long-term goal, or better yet, a life-long goal. Research has shown for many years that quick fixes do not always last and can harm your body's quest to achieve the wishes of your mind. Losing or gaining weight in ill-advised manners will set you up for a good deal of frustration, health and fitness problems or injuries in the long run.

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Types of Fitness

To be fit, that was most everybody wants to achieve while they are living and enjoying with their life. This are some types of fitness that people needs to develop.

1 Stamina - This is a combination of cardio-respiratory endurance and muscular endurance.

2 Cardio - Respiratory endurance - this is the ability of the heart and lungs to some get oxygen to the muscles, the reason for this is that the muscles can perform for a long time. This type of fitness can be developed by exercising in your training zone with just at lease 3 times per week for a duration of at least 20 minutes.

3 Muscular endurance - This is the ability of a muscle or group of muscles to perform for a long time. This can be developed only through weight lifting and some exercises such as press ups, sit-ups etc. TThe only important point to note about developing muscular endurance is that you must exercise with high reps and low weight to get the desired effect.

4 Strength - This is the greatest force that a muscle can produce in pushing, pulling, lifting or striking actions. This type of fitness is usually developed by just following a weight lifting program. An important point to remember is to exercise with just a low reps and high weight.

5 Speed - This is how muscles in the joint can move quickly. This can also be apply to the movement of the whole body, or to the movement of a part of the body, specially the arm.

6 Power - it is the ability of the body to produce an explosive effort. It was created with the combination of strength and speed.

7 Flexibility or suppleness - stretching muscles, that is its ability, so that a joint has a large range of movement. Flexibility can be affected by injury, muscle, tendons, ligaments and skin.

Walk Source of Health

Thirty minutes of brisk walk every day can actually improve heart health, a recent study found. The two-year study of 500 sedentary men and women between 30 and 69 years found that walking for 30 minutes five or more days a week at a moderate intensity or strong, or walk with a strong intensity three to four times a week, led to significant long-term improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness.Walking briskly often provided the greatest benefits in good shape besides moderate short-term improvements in cholesterol levels, the study found.“The bottom line is that walking 30 minutes five to seven days a week provides substantial health benefits,” said Steven Blair, Cooper Institute, in an accompanying editorial in the current issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.

In a prepared statement, principal investigator Michael Perri, associate dean and professor of clinical psychology and health at the College of Public Health and Health Professions at the University of Florida, noted that “the national guidelines (of the USA. UU.) for the year are based mainly on studies conducted in laboratory settings without close supervision how much exercise is completed by study participants.But he noted that in this latest study, “we were very interested to learn of the ways in which people respond to different exercise prescriptions when asked to complete the exercise by themselves, in their home or work environment.

Perri’s team found that exercise frequency or intensity high strength is essential to achieve meaningful results.“When you exercise for themselves, people generally complete only about 60 percent of the amount shown. Therefore, an indication of exercise intensity for a moderate hike of three to four times a week could not generate a sufficient amount high of exercise to produce changes in physical shape, “Perri said.

Weight loss strategies with Water and Acai

If you are into weight loss and taking Acai, it is best to accompany it with water. Why water, not lemonade, fruit juices or soft drinks? Water besides making your wallet have lots of cash left, helps rejuvenates your dead cells, and eventually keep your liver and kidney running happy.Imagine yourself filling yourself up with soft drinks, alcohol and added up into it some really delicious food in your tummy. The sugar and fat content, necessarily turns to fat if they are in excess. It also produces real live fat cells which will demand food from you, in the deepest recesses of your tummy, not to mention those flabby fats in your arms.Water, on the other hand, cleanses your body with toxins naturally, and if you choose a mineral bottled water, it’s a plus for you, as it wouldn’t add up to your fat content, but rather rejuvenates your whole body.Water besides cleansing makes your skin really smooth as it gives oxygen in your body cells, and thus makes the repairing easier.Remember, however, that is best to drink a lukewarm water early morning and after exercise, as the body is very warm inside, it facilitates proper metabolism and really a complete overhauling of your muscles.

Sure Fire Tips to Avoid Fats in Your Belly

Belly Fat is easily accumulated if you are a pear shaped body. It means your fat easily deposits in your belly down to your hips. If you are a heart shape or pear glass body shape, usually the fat deposits is at the upper portion. Fat when too much is dangerous because it can clogged the heart, especially for heart shape and pear shaped bodied people.First, If you want to avoid Belly Fat all together, you have to eat vegetable first, choose fish instead of red meat. You may opt to eat red meat only once a week. The fish meat usually contains Omega 3 fat. This fat is a complex fat, which is also good for the brain and an anti-oxidant, and on top of that, Omega 3 is lean fat, and attracts Vitamin A,B,C, K and E. Though animal fat, like the one you get from pork and beef also have the same effect, it is saturated fat, which can accumulate in your belly or in any parts of your body. Too much of saturated fat can make your belly fat.Second, you have to undertake a colon cleansing, the therapy can make your tummy really feel well and good.

Third, avoid belly fat by having your tummy check regularly, the existence of worms staying in your stomach can also be cause of an appearance of belly fat, when actually its not. It is just a matter of flushing them out, and taking the right medications. Or if you plan to exercise, drink cold water this will help keep hydrated and wash out some toxins in your body.

Fourth cut off the excessive fat in take and abs exercise, like if you eat lots of fast food burgers and fried French Fries drank with soda drinks. You can also have belly fat when you eat a lot of sweet, creams and pastries, because this food is high in fat.

Incredible Weight Loss Guide

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Weight Loss Protocol

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The Struggle with excess belly fat

Your arms look great, your legs are fantastic, but your belly looks like you have a Krispy Kreme addiction Everyone wants to look good. Having a healthy, lean figure is important for long-term vitality and self confidence and most people know that there are things they must do stay in shape. You are no exception. You work out regularly and have a fitness regimen that should keep you looking good and feeling great. Eating healthy, being careful about the food you consume, focusing on fresh fruits and vegetable, lean meats and whole grains are part of your daily lifestyle.

Discover the Truth Behind the Myth Weight Training for Women

Obtain the ideal body shape is the hope and dream of all women. However, whether consciously or not, many women who did not make up the body because of fear of failure on them is greater than the effort to achieve its objectives. Fear is a bit much influenced by the various myths that developed in the fitness world among women. Here are 4 myths that you should throw away from your belief that you’re potential to successfully achieve your goals immediately reached.

Yet you still struggle with belly fat. No matter how much you exercise or watch what you eat, you can’t seem to lose those all too noticeable inches around your middle. Rest assured, you are not alone.Stubborn belly fat is something millions of people deal with everyday. Getting rid of it can be as frustrating as it is difficult. Here you are doing everything right and that roll around your middle just won’t disappear. You have tried low carb diets and pills. You have done more crunches that anyone should be required to do in a lifetime and nothing is working.

It is probably time to assess your stress level. Belly fat is often caused by stress. The more uptight you are, the harder belly fat is to lose. You will also never have a real shot at dropping those pounds around the waistline until you can find a way to relax.Try activities like yoga or meditation. Getting yourself emotionally under control and making time to shed the worries of the day can be the solution you are looking for. Some people smoke a pipe, some watch TV some hang with friends. Whatever it is that works for you to be able to find some peace each day, do it. That could be the key to losing your belly fat.

If all else fails, talk to your doctor. You may have underlying problems that are making it difficult for you to trim down. Your doctor can evaluate what you are already doing and give you guidance on your next course of action. Will Weight Training Make Muscular Women like Men the explanation for this is already often granted. The key word is hormones. Men have testosterone which is much larger than women, while women have estrogen and progesterone hormones are much higher than men. With high testosterone levels, he will be much easier to build muscle, so she will not easily get big muscles

Finding your Six Pack Abs with Proper Nutrition

It is nothing new for someone to workout and do enough crunches to make the cast of Jersey Shore proud, but see very little results let alone six pack abs. Why is that? The simple answer is that the muscles are there, you have earned them, but they are hidden under what amounts to a layer of blubber. The fat stores around your middle can only be reduced one way, by reducing the fat levels over your entire body.Getting rid of fat in a single area is not possible. You would have better luck catching a leprechaun and wishing it away. You must attack fat on the whole body. As fat stores dissolve, the muscles you have worked so hard to attain will be become more visible. In order to minimize the fat all over your body, you have to adjust your diet. If you develop healthy eating habits in conjunction with your exercise regimen, you will see success in your fat loss and the revelation of those six-pack abs. Exercise will burn calories and eating right will minimize the sustaining of current stores and the development of new deposits.

Here are things to keep in mind when forming your plan of attack. For every 3500 calories you cut out of your diet or work off, you will burn a pound of fat in its place. Avoid snacking at night. Eating late at night does not allow calories that would be used for energy to burn during sleep, thereby increasing fat stores. Focus on food that fuel the body and give it what it needs to renew itself and stay healthy. Healthy foods will replace nutrients lost during daily activities and clean out toxins that stress the organs. Protein sources like fish, chicken, soy and protein supplements will give the body what it needs to build its immunity system, sustain and build muscle and metabolize other foods.

This will have those awesome abs revealing themselves in no time. But it will not just be your abs that make an appearance, you’ll notice a serious reduction in fat and increase in muscle all over your body.Contrary to popular thinking, complex carbohydrates do a body good. Foods made with whole grains, long grain rice, vegetable and even whole grain pastas provide the body with the energy it needs to not only get through a daily routine but also to continue with the workouts that are going to give you the beach body you are looking for. Healthy fats from fish, seeds and other sources will improve brain function, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. All things that are important to a healthy lifestyle and a successful weight loss and toning plan. I do not have to tell you that exercise alone is not going to get that spare tire to loose its grip on your middle. You already know that or you would not have read this far. The foundational muscle you have already built along with a new and healthier diet are going to give you results that you have only dreamed of. Give it a shot and watch the fat disappear to reveal those six-pack abs you have always wanted.

My Fat Loss 4 Idiots : Success Story

I have tried lots of weight-loss programs before, and none of them seem to work. Then I came across Fat Loss 4 Idiots, and I was like, yeah it’s just like the rest of them. But for some reason I tried it out anyway, and though it claimed that the loss would be as much as 9 pounds in 11 days and I really didn’t lose that much (I lost only 6 pounds in 15 days), I felt hope. For the first time, there was a change in me I thought would never happen. I am losing weight!Fat Loss 4 Idiots makes a lot of sense to me because the program tries to work around the body’s metabolism. There are those who barely eat but their weight stays the same, and there are those who eat a lot and yet remain thin. It all has to do with metabolism, and this program is intended to alter your metabolism so you end up eating less and losing more pounds.

What is so great about it is that unlike other programs where you have to count the calories of the food you eat, Fat Loss 4 Idiots is more like an eating patter program and tricks your body into burning fat. Simple, yet effective too.Take the program now and receive other goodies such as the Fat Loss 4 Idiots handbook, a diet menu generator, and a personalized exercise program. Shed that fat now!

Short fitness guide for women

Choose the program that exercise can be a frustrating process for women. Not only for select programs, but women often fail to determine the appropriate time for practice. Many women want to exercise to reduce overweight and their bodies still appear healthy, but still contain low.To do this, at least take the time to practice at least 3 times a week. Fitness routine for women have basically no weight, what is important and intensive. A coherent program of study may follow, as a day of weight training a day of rest, training day, a day of rest and another day of intense training

Help Overcome Weight Training Lupus

Lupus. Perhaps the name of this disease was already familiar to our ears. The number of lupus patients reached 5 million people around the world. This autoimmune disease must have a big impact on the living sufferers, but bodybuilding will give you a way to cope. In practice the burden, many benefits to be gained in this disease management efforts. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that occurs when the body attacks its own network because it was considered as a foreign body. Lupus is a chronic disease that can damage the parts of the body including the skin, joints and organs. In simple terms, a person can be said to suffer from this disease when the body becomes allergic to herself. And weight training is not something to be shunned by anyone with SLE, but it is suggested, because many of the benefits of this exercise.

Treatment for Weight Loss

Live Natur Kit offers a customized treatment for weight loss in general, and understands that the whole body.The products we offer are 100% natural and contain no anxiety for what you do not suffer from the rebound effect, which is that many people complain that after several kilos down when stopped taking the treatments rebounded quickly even more kilos of those who fell. Live Natur offers a comprehensive treatment of its own treatment, a weight loss less than 6 kilos and 10 in a month, depending on each person’s body mass.Now if you want to lose weight kilos in a month, we recommend to take literally the entire kit with Nutritional Plan that is sent, this is not a strict diet, on the other hand contains four meals a day. To lose weight should not be starving, you just have to find food.Our treatment is custom, each person is an independent body, and many with various health problems, so who gives them a general treatment for all, you do not have the expected results or hurt them in their health.

Good fat burning for weight Loss

Chitosan is an ideal fat burner when you lose a few kilos. Want to know, really, why the Chitosan can work for weight loss or lose weight?It is a 100% natural fiber is a fiber derived from marine chitin, or chitin, a substance found in the skeletons of crustaceans such as crabs, shrimps, prawns, etc. The Chitosan was discovered in 1859.Chitosan is a dietary fiber, found in shells of crustaceans and shellfish, is indigestible by human digestive enzymes, so it adds no calories to the diet.A special feature that makes Chitosan is different from other dietary fibers, is its high ability to attract, trap and isolate the fat in the digestive tract, making it difficult to contact with digestive enzymes and making it impossible to be digested or absorbed in the intestine.Chitosan prevents the absorption of extra fat, it acts like a sponge, forming an aggregate indigestible, which is immediately disposed of by natural means, that is passed intact by the body without being incorporated into the body, being then necessary, he or she uses the fat reserves.

Chitosan is an ideal complement as an adjunct in the treatment of obesity and overweight, due to its ability to bind the fat in food. Taken with meals reduces the absorption of fat without side effects as being a natural fiber, does not create any kind of dependence.Due to its chemical structure, Chitosan is able to bind to fats from food are absorbed by preventing these (are the two with b) by the body. The binding of chitosan and fats form long polymers that are not digested and are eliminated directly in the faeces. In this way, we eliminate some of the calories that add fat in our diet.

The weight loss crash diets

Stubborn fat occurs when the hormonal pathways are broken. Age plays a role in this: Fat deposits increase and become more resistant to the methods of fat loss as you age. This has little control over them, but some things that lead to stubborn fat development are under its control. yo-yo dieting is one of them. The weight loss crash diets and then recover, often known as the “rebound effect” only increase stubborn fat in the long term. A decrease in exercise and activity level also compounds the stubborn fat problem. So the people that crashed in low-calorie diet and refuse to exercise are often worse than the problems persist fat of all. Our ancestors never had to deal with this problem because they moved and engaged in physical labor as a regular part of daily life, whereas technological conveniences and the modern lifestyle have caused many of us to be sluggish and inactive.” Stubborn fat is metabolized very slowly and resist the hormonal process that occurs when the fat burning process starts. To burn fat, adrenal hormones (better known as adrenaline and noradrenaline) bind to receptors on fat cells and essentially “open” so that the fat is used in energy pathways. There are two types of receptors in fat cells: one is the alpha and beta others. The beta receptors are much more active and respond to hormones adrenals. To lose body fat, the adrenal hormones switch on and the body begins to use fat as energy.

However, in the case of people with stubborn fat, this does not happen, so do not lose body fat. In According to my good friend and colleague Ori Hofmekler, author of The Warrior Diet, stubborn fat has a lower ratio of beta receptors to alpha receptors. Therefore, your body’s hormonal “fat dissolving” the adrenaline is unable to enter the fat cell and open the door. Hofmekler also notes that “for these issues worse, stubborn fat has more estrogen receptors which cause even more stubborn fat.”If all this sounds pretty bad, what is worse is that if you enjoy the typical modern diet and sedentary lifestyle, this often results in insulin sensitivity. (For more information, read my previous article about ” insulin sensitivity. “) In addition to everything else, the adipose tissue becomes so incredibly resistant to your attempts to lose, he seems to be stuck with him forever.